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Happy 50th Birthday, JAMAICA!

Flag of Jamaica Today Jamaica celebrates its 50th birthday, independence from the United Kingdom! I’m sure the Jamaicans will celebrate, and not only today.

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A few facts about Jamaica:

  • Commonwealth of Jamaica
  • Anthem: “Jamaica, Land We Love”, Royal anthem: “God Save the Queen”
  • Capital (and largest city): Kingston (17°59′N 76°48′W)
  • Official language(s): English
  • Area – total: 10,991 km2
  • Currency: Jamaican dollar (JMD)
  • Time zone: UTC-5
  • Drives on the left.
  • National symbols (From the Jamaica Information Service)

Source: Wikipedia

Having visited Jamaica myself I can really say it’s worth a trip.

Being in Jamaica for a few days will give you peace and pleasantness and not the day-to-day rush and stress. Enjoy yourself in Jamaica.

Yeah, man! No Problem!

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